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Harvest Festival

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A Joyous Event for a Good Cause

Julia Yang and Matthew Zhu

November 13th, 2017

During the night on October 13th,  the Brookside Elementary School schoolyard was packed with playful and jovial children, adults laughing away while nursing a pile of fries, and emotions running high. But what is this spirited event at a time so late in the evening?


This event is named the Harvest Festival, which is meant to celebrate the new coming of the harvest. Many events are held, such as pumpkin bowling, pie throwing, a haunted house, and other such heartwarming activities. The school also raises money for PTSA by silent auctions.  “ We have two goals,” said Mr. Ravi Brar, the organizer of the event, “We want the children to have fun and be safe, and the second goal is to raise a lot of money for the non-profit PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association) for all the extracurricular activities and field trips. Every year we break a record, so this year we hope to break another record.”


Organizing such an event is no easy task.  “It was pretty difficult because there were thousands of people, and we need to get food and vendors to line up, games are set up, and a lot more,” said Mr.Brar. “Everyone who puts the Harvest Festival together is a volunteer. There are 25 parent volunteers, and most of them have kids and pets and homes and families, so the biggest obstacle was just finding the time. Luckily, we managed to pull together such a wonderful harvest festival.”​

Good time, good cause and most importantly, good food. Those are the three terms that solely describe the Harvest Festival.

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Mr. Ravi Brar on Brookside School Harvest Festival

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