Mission Jurassic

- Julia Y

Sep 28, 2019

In Wyoming, a search is going on. A search expected to continue for 20 years and going. A dinosaur hunt named ‘Mission Jurassic’ in a barren, rocky, land near the ocean. The results so far are astonishing, as researchers have uncovered almost full dinosaur skeletons, spines, pelvis’, and all. How were they able to tell the skeletons from the rocks? They simply licked them. Dinosaur bones contain a chemical called porous , which, according to BBC news, ”sticks onto your tongue.” Sediment built up around these fossils, making them the fossils they are today. Eventually, the rocks pushed the fossil to where they are now; at the surface. Some rocks were discovered to have originated in the Jurassic era, when dinosaurs dominated the Earth and thrived. These dinosaurs (that lived in the Jurassic) were larger than any other dinosaurs in any other era; fossils that were 30 ft long were discovered on the site! Some new species that had never been seen before have (maybe) even been found as well. Even more ancient fossils were found at the site; fossils from back when the area was covered in water. These fossils are a hard dig, and scientists are doing painstaking work to unveil the history of these dinosaurs. The team says that after 20 years, all their hard work will be worth the trouble.